Strategic Materials has the ability to accept a wide variety of glass supply. 

Accepted Supply

  • 3 mix (single stream)
  • color sorted container glass
  • mixed container glass
  • automotive glass
  • windshields
  • windows
  • borosilicate
  • heavily laminated glass

Not Accepted

  • crt glass (computer monitors, televisions)
  • light bulbs
  • mirrors
  • ceramic (plates, bowls, cups)

Our experts are also able to examine any non-typical glass supply to evaluate its potential use in our recycling processes.

Supply handling

Strategic Materials works with our suppliers to make transfer of materials as seamless as possible. Drop off and pick up services are available and we can handle a wide range of transportation including bulk, pallets, gaylords. Options vary depending on the size and frequency of the supply stream as well as the geographic location. If you have glass supply, talk to us about the most efficient way to transfer it to Strategic Materials.

We provide roll off containers to hundreds of sites across the United States so that our suppliers can easily recycle their scrap.  These sites range from large industrial manufacturers to fabrication sites to small bar and restaurants.


For supplier support please email us at