Use of cullet by fiberglass insulation manufacturers continues to rise each year.

Manufacturers are quickly realizing the advantages of using quality recycled glass cullet. When cullet is used, manufacturing requires less energy and is easier on equipment. Glass cullet from Strategic Materials meets or exceeds industry standards for product quality and consistency. 

Why should you use glass cullet from Strategic Materials?

Strategic Materials production processes utilize different types of equipment in series to process the various types of inbound material to meet and exceed our customer specifications. We use the latest technology to produce the highest quality cullet and our continuous improvement initiatives ensure we don’t rest on our laurels. When you work with Strategic Materials, you also benefit from our nationwide network that brings materials closer to you.

  • Crushers and screens are used to size the material from a course 5/8” product to a fine grind powder which are the standard sizes used by the fiberglass industry. Fine grind material also goes thru a drying process to ensure proper material flow thru the screening and silo storage process.
  • Optical sorters are used to separate the various glass colors from each other (clear glass from brown from green) and sorters are also used to separate ceramic and stone contamination from good glass. Additional machines in mathematical sequence work to polish the product to the desired specification.
  • Magnets of all types and vacuum systems are used to further clean up the glass stream by removing ferrous and non-ferrous metals and light material (paper & organics) from heavier glass fragments.