Consistently processing glass into clean, manufacturable product

Established in 1896, Strategic Materials is the largest glass recycler in the United States. No matter where the glass starts, it all runs through our inspection program to measure quality and determine processing needs. Strategic Materials takes in raw glass stock that has high levels of contamination and reduces that contamination down to manageable percentages. Our high-tech quality and cleaning processes result in a 99.5% nationwide acceptance rate from our customers.

Acceptable standards

Strategic Materials supplies processed, recycled glass to a variety of industries. Each of those industries has their own quality standards that dictate the type of recycled glass supply we are able to accept.

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Supply stream

With 40 plants across the United States, we are in prime position to accept recycled glass from a variety of locations.

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Supplier services

Our relationships with our suppliers are important to us. Our supply chain management team regularly works with suppliers to assess their supply stream and make quality improvement recommendations. We can provide cost improvement ideas, advice on lowering transportation costs and suggestions on more efficient handling. For supplier support please email us at 

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