Recycled plastics are an incredibly diverse manufacturing product used in containers, pipes, conduit, bags and more.

Manufacturers of these items recognize that using recycled plastics isn’t just good for the environment, it reduces costs and enhances profitability. 

Strategic Materials is proud to offer clean, high quality, post-industrial plastic scrap feed-stocks and post-consumer content through our Nexcycle division. 

Industry leader in quality recycled plastic resins

We offer recycled plastic resins and compounds for a variety of plastic process applications. We also have the ability to compound or source materials to meet specific needs. With 100 million pounds of production capacity, Nexcycle services a network of manufacturers across North America. Our reputation among customers and suppliers is one of volume, integrity, quality and experience.

An extensive on-site lab is a focal point of our ISO quality system and product development program. Our process ability, consistency and absence of contamination with other polymers make Nexcycle’s products the industry leader.

Custom Tolling
NexCycle provides closed loop recycling services to many of our customers by recycling their scrap.  Customer materials are carefully segregated for quality integrity and then size reduced, re-melted, filtrated and re-extruded into resin for use in their material blends.  These resins can be further post blended and compounded if required.
This process enables our customers to almost eliminate yield loss and meet environmental “zero waste” goals.

Recycled plastic as a cost-effective manufacturing resource

NexCycle products continue to find new applications as concerns over our environment and price volatility in the virgin resin markets become more prevalent. This coupled with our improving technologies and better management of various scrap streams means that more and more plastic manufacturing companies are turning to NexCycle for quality recycled resin alternatives to virgin resin:

  • Polyethylene Film
  • Polyethylene Pipe
  • Injection Molding 
  • Sheet/Profile Extrusion

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