Recycled glass can be used in many decorative applications.

Glass is colorful. It’s vibrant, shiny, translucent, and brilliant. Cobalt Blue, Cranberry, Crystal Turquoise, Moss Green, Pink Champagne, Amber.

These colors never fade—they aren’t affected by sunlight, by UV rays, by good weather or bad. The color is literally baked into the glass. And because of its naturally faceted surface, glass is able to add a unique spectrum of light and color to any project. With more than 35 standard colors and an unlimited quantity of custom colors available, there simply is no limit to what you can do with glass.

Recycled glass makes a versatile, cost-effective manufacturing material.

Strategic Materials has the capability to transform recycled glass into a variety of forms for a variety of uses. From furnace-ready cullet to finely ground powder, Strategic Materials consistently supplies clean, reliable product for a variety of specialty markets, including ceramics and frictionator (match and ammunition).