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Strategic Materials Inc. launches eco-friendly recycled glass filtration product


HOUSTON, TEXAS – February 3, 2021 — Strategic Materials, Inc., North America’s largest glass recycler, today announced the launch of an eco-friendly filtration media, TruFiltration, made from 100% recycled glass, servicing residential and commercial filtration markets. 

The company boasts recycled glass media is superior to traditional products in the marketplace like silica sand for health and performance benefits. Unlike commonly used sand media, recycled glass does not cause worker concern for free crystalline silica and filters up to six times better. The filtration media was developed specifically to meet the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certification for pools and spas.

“Our filtration product is a natural fit for the company.  We know glass and we have the footprint to best service the market,” says Jeff Ferchen, director of specialty sales for the company. “Glass as a filtration media is not only sustainable, but it also provides benefits that sand cannot.  Our product lasts longer and requires less media, while providing a better performance.” 

TruFiltration is manufactured at several glass recycling facilities for the company and will be available at residential and commercial distributors nation-wide later this month.

About Strategic Materials

With over a 100-year history, Strategic Materials is North America’s largest and most comprehensive glass recycler, with nearly 50 locations in the United States and Canada.  The company focus has been and continues to be on creating value for customers through innovation and continuous improvement.  The company is a technology partner to cleaner, more efficient glass production, providing customers and suppliers with economical and environmentally viable solutions for reuse of waste streams including glass and plastic.