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Strategic Materials Announces Improved Glass Abrasive for Growth in the Surface Preparation Industry


Strategic Materials announced today the launch of an improved air blast abrasive product, TruAbrasives, made from 100% recycled glass. The product is expected to be available April of this year. 

The crushed glass abrasive was developed specifically for performance and quality through both extensive blast and laboratory testing, and operational investments in equipment and processes.  The product will continue to be known for worker health and environmental benefits, as its predecessor New Age Blast Media has held for many years.  Strategic Materials acquired the New Age Blast Media product in 2015.

The company boasts crushed glass abrasive is superior to current abrasive products in the marketplace for health benefits to the worker. Unlike commonly used abrasives such as silica sand or slags, crushed glass abrasives do not cause worker concern for free crystalline silica and toxic metal exposure. Along with innate health benefits, production improvements will allow for a cleaner, higher-performance product. 

“We’ve always believed crushed glass abrasive is the future for the surface preparation industry, and that’s why we continue to invest in it,” Denis Suggs, President and CEO, Strategic Materials continued, “As the recycling glass leader in the North America, our expertise in processing glass makes us well suited to bring value to the industry and elevate glass abrasive offerings.”

The abrasive product will officially launch in the spring, and will phase out New Age Blast Media throughout the year. 



For more information, visit http://www.TruAbrasives.com