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Strategic Materials Inks 10 Year Deal with Fuyao Glass North America


Fuyao Announces partnership with Strategic Materials

Fuyao Glass America has signed a ten year agreement with Strategic Materials Inc. (SMI), North America’s largest glass recycler, to recycle glass scrap for their recently built, state-of-the art facility in Moraine, Ohio.  The partnership will create a closed loop recycling process and a truly sustainable operation for Fuyao.  

Fuyao Glass America’s Moraine facility will produce four million OEM car sets as well as four million aftermarket glass (ARG) windshields annually. Due to the large amount of auto glass the plant produces, Fuyao partnered with the industry leader to take their glass scrap.  SMI will process the glass and return it back to Fuyao’s manufacturing process, allowing for virtually zero waste and a reduction in carbon emissions by up to thirty percent.  Melting recycled glass or cullet, requires lower melting temperatures than virgin materials.

“We are proud to partner with Fuyao.  Through our partnership, Fuyao will operate more efficiently while also being a good corporate citizen to the local community.” Mark Nelson, Vice President of Sales and Supply for SMI’s eastern locations said.

SMI is making a significant investment in construction, trucks, process equipment, and office renovation for the site. Along with SMI’s investment, Fuyao has allocated 3.7 acres of their 116 acre Moraine site to SMI. SMI will employ ten to twelve people in Moraine.

“We are pleased to be partnering with SMI,” says John Gauthier, President of Fuyao Glass America. “They will make a great addition to our Moraine location.”

When asked what this partnership would do for the city of Moraine, David Hicks, Moraine City Manager replied, “Fuyao and SMI are two highly revered companies. Having these two great companies working together in our community will be good for Moraine. This is yet another positive result of the Fuyao investment.”